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Director Message


    The culture of managing with information is an institutionalization step created by the presupposition that the gains to be achieved by computer technologies will be superior to the gains that individuals will achieve on their own.


     With the establishment of the information management culture, it will be possible to make very important decisions that directly affect business results. Informatics, which is used as a management tool, is also used extensively in the development of health systems of countries as a policy tool.

      “With the vision of being the Pioneer of Health Informatics, Kardelen Software ensures the integration of healthcare providers into the health ecosystem with its health informatics solutions. We use artificial intelligence, voice recognition, big data, cloud etc. to manage the clinical, administrative and financial processes of healthcare organizations. we support it with technologies.


      KARDELEN Software, as applied in the field of health in the world with a high level of IT management culture in Turkey is a company involved in all stages of digital transformation in healthcare. We are proud to present the National Health Information System Concept that Kardelen Software has prepared by filtering the products developed in the Turkish health system, the solutions it provides, and the knowledge it has gained with the national projects it has completed.

        KARDELEN Software, offers a step-by-step digital transformation roadmap with the National Health Information System Concept. With this digital transformation, Kardelen Software promises efficiency, accessibility, interoperability and manageability. Thus, solutions that make a difference in the management of health indicators of the society will emerge in areas illuminated by information systems.


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