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National Health Informatics Concept

The World Health Organization states that the healthcare system of a country should be designed to ensure that the healthcare service required for everyone is provided with high quality. In this context, we think that health informatics systems should be designed in line with the needs of each country. 

KARMED National Health Informatics Concept also both within the framework of this vision is a product of both KARDELEN SOFTWARE experience gained at many levels within the Health Transformation Program in Turkey.

KARMED National Health Informatics Concept offers Efficiency, Accessibility, Interoperability, Manageability.

EFFICIENCY; Refers to the effective and efficient management of resources in the health system and increases the traceability of processes and resources.


ACCESSIBILITY; It means enabling access to health data within the framework of the needs of both health service providers and citizens, and on the other hand, removing the barriers to access to health.

INTEROPERABILITY; It enables companies, systems and other stakeholders in the health system to work integrated with each other.

MANAGABILITY; With the completion of the digitalization processes, it means the management of the big data that has become a need and thus the health system.