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PACS System

Karmed RBYS system is a Web and Exe Based imaging system. It is a program where all Radiology examinations requested from Polyclinics and Services are followed up, reports and views are followed. RBYS (Radiology Information Management System) is a program where the examinations requested through the device are integrated and the reports of the Specialist Radiology doctors are kept and the radiology and pathology reports are stored in its own data area.

User Friendly;

  • Request and report tracking
  • Access to patient views
  • Result anamnesis follow-up
  • General Report Document

General Features;

  • User based screen area usage 
  • All required Radiology audiometry and pathology examination follow-up 
  • Easy transfer and viewing of device images 
  • Integrated Other institution Ease of access to report and viewing 
  • Addition of external cd images on the patient 
  • Patient SMS notification 
  • External Monitor patient call and audible warning system 
  • Writing Procedures for Adding Patient Prescription 
  • Displaying patient Lab Results in integration with LBYS 
  • Ensuring automatic transfer of examinations from external institutions to the system 
  • Sending exams to another institution with the MRRS system and transferring the results to the system 
  • Easy Report documents tracking 
  • Automatic barcode printing feature with MRRS system 
  • Providing backup operations for recording forensic files and traffic accident records in a separate location in Pacs server storage area 
  • Ensuring that the device maintenance operations are defined. 
  • Keeping track of service request periods.