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Dentistry Information System

Karmed LBYS system is Web and Exe Based system. It is a program where all Lbys examinations requested from Polyclinics and Services are followed up. 

Hims is the section where the examinations requested through Polser are integrated into the Lbys (Laboratory Information Management System) side and the examinations are examined. Specialist Laboratory is a program where doctors keep the results of patients and contains laboratory and blood bank reports in its own data area.


User friendly;

  • Request and report tracking 
  • Easy access to patient results 
  • LHHS tracking 
  • Loinc Application
  •  Easy access to the Binary Triple Test Data Sheet.


General features;

  • User based screen area usage 
  • All requested Lbys exam follow-up 
  • Following the patient's file information (Clinic, Smoking, Last Menstrual Period) etc. 
  • Reporting Operations 
  • Culture Outcome Transactions 
  • Patient SMS notification 
  • Quality Control and Calibration Records 
  • Patient Appointment from within the module 
  • Query options according to diagnosis or external laboratory institution 
  • Ensuring automatic transfer of examinations from external institutions to the system 
  • External Laboratory integration processes 
  • Easy Report documents tracking 
  • Invoicing tracking within the module 
  • Audible and color warning system for critically valued patients