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In the 21st century, technological transformation is transforming the health sector as it affects every field. Although the effect of new technologies on the health sector has progressed more slowly compared to other sectors, the Covid 19 process has reached the highest levels of this effect in the coming years. This change also contributes to the sustainability of the health ecosystem, such as quality, value and cost pressure. It coincides with a period when it is getting more difficult. With the increase in sustainability problems, patient-centered, innovative, productivity-enhancing and cost-effective ways are sought. These expectations and search for solutions increase the tendency towards new technologies and solutions in the health sector.


As Kardelen software, we have started to develop cooperation projects with many different health disciplines, believing in the importance of developing health ecosystem projects.

  • The use of data in healthcare services will make healthcare services less costly and more accessible and will create a new individual-oriented ecosystem.For this purpose, taking part in personalized health data management projects is among our main goals.
  • With 5G and artificial intelligence, a new network will be created in our bodies, on us and around us, changing healthcare through sensors. Complementary technologies that have the potential to change healthcare are at the center of the data revolution. These technologies have increased in importance especially with the COVID-19 outbreak. With sensors to monitor social distance, studies are carried out for 5G-supported telehealth, virtual triage applied and artificial intelligence-supported drug discovery. As Kardelen software, we attach great importance to working with other stakeholders to support the development of artificial intelligence-based solutions that can offer high levels of personalization.



  • A reliable communication system will be required to engage patient-consumer and other stakeholders. Building trust is vital for organizations aiming to gain both regulatory approval and patient-consumer engagement in the future. For example; Cyber ​​security is currently a serious need that is not fully met across the industry. It is important for organizations that want to build trust to take steps to secure their products and data. Karelen software has initiated cooperation negotiations with many companies on cyber security issues in health.
  • In addition to all these, in order to develop products together, We have made cooperation protocols with national and international companies and started working on developing international projects in the field of chronic disease management, remote patient monitoring and telemedicine.

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