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What is connectivity?

Philip Kotler calls our age “the age of connectivity” in his book Marketing 4.0. In summary, he states that the human being, who is a social entity, is now connected to society through technology. It explains the point where technology has come to make sense of life and the level of use of technology.


He states that in the age of connectivity, brands cannot remain indifferent to this change. And yet, can we define connectivity in health informatics as just exchanging data with biomedical devices?


Of course not. The expectations of people who are constantly trying to satisfy their hunger for information through internet and devices that can be connected to the internet are far beyond these. This is where systems that connect patients with their physicians and the health institutions they receive treatment come into play. Limiting these systems only to sharing information about patients' treatments with the patient would of course be a very superficial approach.

Connectivity in health informatics, speed, accuracy, access, etc. It is certain that it brings convenience. However, as long as health institutions do not share the connectivity offered to health professionals with their patients, the understanding of Hospital 4.0 will always be incomplete. 

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