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A Successful Health Reform; The Case of Turkey site.geri_don

At the beginning of the 2000s, Turkey's health system; It was the most backward system of the OECD and European region countries in terms of health practices, financial management and patient satisfaction. Indeed, the health system's problems were just as important as the government made health sector reform a key priority when it came to power in late 2002. 

 By 2010, however, the situation changed rapidly. Turkey, to transform the health system and the results and had made major reforms to improve. The aim of this bloc is to analyze the reforms that have led to these developments and efforts to strengthen the health system in order to share the lessons learned with other countries that want to transform their health sector. 

It is inevitable to achieve this success role of the hospital information system. Especially for doctors, patients, governments, politicians, the importance of health information systems is becoming as important as the developments in information technologies. Data mining in healthcare can help managers make strategic decisions by ranking future trends. Many healthcare providers and others view Health Information Technology as a resource for the efficiency and quality of healthcare. Decision makers and users strongly recommend using this technology to manage the healthcare system. In our age of information technology, healthcare institutions invest large amounts in hospital information systems. The purpose of these investments is to make healthcare services more effective.


The hospital information system affects the reduction in medical errors, increasing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, timely decision making and improving the quality of healthcare services. In addition, the main purpose is to eliminate manual processes for increasing institutional performance in terms of rapid and effective healthcare delivery. 

In addition, geographic information system technology is used for epidemiological aspects of public health practice, planning and research efforts.


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