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Is Health Information Systems an Investment? site.geri_don

The information that emerges before, after and during the service in healthcare institutions is an important tool, resource and value. The acquisition, processing, storage and transfer of healthcare information constitute the framework of health informatics. 

Hospitals are among the institutions where information production and information flow take place both rapidly and without interruption. In this flow and speed of information, we should not forget the human factor. It is possible to protect, clean and use such intense information, considering the human effect, with computers and information systems.


​Computer-based information systems, on the other hand, have reached the stage of "managing and managed information", which is effective enough to transform the structures and operations of institutions in the development process that started with the "stored and used information when necessary" stage. 

Considering all these, hospital information systems (HIS) are an investment tool that can manage the complex processes of hospitals rather than a cost item. The flexibility and capability to support the system at points where processes are separated and intersected is the clearest proof of why hospital information systems (HIS) are an investment.


For this reason, they are designed to have a modular structure. Thanks to this structure, it is ensured that all data are recorded in a common database by performing transactions such as medical processes, administrative and financial processes, procurement processes, support services in a computer environment. The result of this saves labor and time. 

As a result; 

While the vital practices and methods such as Patient Registration, Patient Admission, Laboratory, Radiology, Advanced Examination and Diagnosis, Surgery and all operational units as well as Pharmacy and Medicine management provide information integrity with a common database, the information and communication network established in the hospital It enables them to be connected to each other and to save time, which is the biggest expense of today, which is the biggest proof that HIS is an investment.